These content writing, blog writing, social media, Pinterest, and even website building services can help you thoughtfully move your business forward by helping you get noticed online.

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Content Writing

What is content writing? Is content writing worth the time and investment? Like a strong social media strategy, it can help you capture the attention of your ideal customers, convert sales, and optimize your website for more organic traffic.




What types of writing is encompassed by content writing?

  • Product Descriptions

    • Etsy Product Descriptions

    • Amazon Product Descriptions

    • Service descriptions

    • Product descriptions

    • Instagram/Facebook Shop Product Descriptions

    • Pinterest Shop Product Descriptions

  • Email Newsletters

  • About Us Pages

  • Website Pages

    • Like “About Us,” “Meet the Maker,” “Our Creation Process” and any other information pages you need for your website.

  • Social Media Bio & About Section

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Blog Writing

Why add a blog to your website? After all, you’re not a writer, blogger, offering anything relating to writing, and you’re not a content creator. But, when you look at the stats, there are SO many reasons to add a blog with SEO rich content to your business website.


Here are just a few reasons to add a blog to your website:

  • To drive organic traffic to your website

  • It convinces people to buy your products

  • It shows the value of your products to potential customers

  • It optimizes your website to appear in search engine results pages (SERP)

  • It creates a genuine relationship with your audience

  • People are searching for answers and information relating to your products, why not provide it for them and build trust and authority?




So you’ve read the stats, and you want to make the leap, you want to add a blog to your website. So, where do you start? This is where writers, like me (sorry had to shamelessly throw it in), come in. 

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bed & coffee

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