Sharing the Love for Those Slow-Going Sundays

Sundays may just be the best day of the week. It's a day that doesn’t beg for much attention or too much productivity. Instead, the day invites you to slow down and to take the time to appreciate the little things regardless of the weather or time of year. They are enjoyable when it is bright and sunny, grey and dreary, or cold and snowy. You can start your day unhurried, creating the perfect set up for a leisurely day. The day can be spent doing something productive, if the mood fits, or spent sitting back listening to what you need and what will make you feel whole in the moment.

Sunday morning coffee is, to me, the highlight of the day. Enjoyable from start to finish, drawn out to be a slow lingering process allowing the brewing process to fully envelope your senses and thoughts, and keeps you in the moment with a delicate ease.

The process can often begin by deciding on a slower brew. Pulling out your french-press and placing it on the counter in front of you. Then, choosing the perfect Sunday blend. It can be the same blend used on rushed weekday mornings or something entirely different, filling your mind with a sense of fancy for this lovely morning. Put the beans into the grinder and get it moving. Startup the kettle and get it boiling. Carefully placing perfectly measured grinds into the press, pour steaming bubbling water over them, and watch them lift, swirl and begin to steep.

As the coffee strengthens, there’s time to dig out a favourite mug to use when the brewing process completes. Slowly press down the grinds and fill the mug. The aroma's rich in the air filling your mind with delight and gratitude for this moment, and the treat to ensue. Fill the mug with all that it needs. Then, lift it gingerly to your lips to relish in the scent and savour the first sip. It’s Sunday morning bliss.

With this cup of warm-delight in the hand, go find a seat that is sure to please all your senses. Whether it be by a window or in front of a page or a screen, the moment’s made exactly for these desires and indulgences. Settle in and get comfortable as the Sunday ahead unfolds, so you can sit there leisurely until the very last sip.

This process is a chance to reset, and to mentally prepare for the upcoming week. As Sunday progresses, we can continue with the ease of doing nothing or start to get things done by jumping ahead on the weekly to-do list. Choosing to do whatever will make the mind feel whole and at peace in that moment.

Even if you’re among the population of shift workers who doesn’t have the joy of a Sunday off, there is nothing wrong with creating your own any other day of the week. As the rest of the world is rushing off through a morning routine and inching their way through traffic, you can take the time meandering in the slowness, achieving Sunday morning breathing and mindfulness as you ease into the day.

Slow moments are so important for remaining grateful in life, to appreciate all that you have and to evaluate all that you may want or need. This time of reflection is important in developing and furthering the self, and in maintaining the mind. What makes them truly able to be cherished is that it is a treat of a whole day. While such mindfulness can be found in daily moments and practices throughout the week, it is hard to continue this presence for an entirety of a day. Something about Sundays makes the practice less daunting and so much more achievable.

So, settle in and enjoy what the heart desires most on this fine day, and delight in all of life’s imperfect perfection.

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