Relishing in the Sensation of Calm from a Guided Meditation

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Guided meditations are a wonderful way to quiet the chatter of the mind, and to start to not only understand meditation, but to also start reaping the benefits this practice has to offer. One mediation that I find much peace and serenity of being from is one of the Calm app’s daily highlights entitled ‘Mountains’.

This meditation begins by asking you to imagine a beautiful mountain, to see its strength, resilience, and stability. The guide then tells you to embody the mountain, imagining it as part of yourself: from the peak of the mountain to its roots.

The narrator discusses how for her the mountain represents mindfulness in life and how it offers stability in an ever-changing reality; however, my experience was different from this. Instead of finding stability, I felt an intense connection.

A connection to the earth and the ground. I imagined the roots of this mountain as part of the forest floor, part of the roads that pass it, part of the ocean’s basins and part of other continents. Thinking about how it is all connected at the innermost core of the earth.

I can sit in this place doing the meditation practice with a solid foundation beneath my person and see that this ability is part of the same connection of the mountain. The same roots holding up the forest floor and roads, keeping the rivers, lakes, and oceans full are holding me up — are holding us up. They are sustaining us, they are protecting us, and everything in our lives is traced back to these connections.

The food we eat grows from this earth, the clothes we wear are produced by materials grown on this earth, our houses, beds, this computer from which I am writing are all traced back to materials of this earth.

I can’t help but feel awed and humbled by this. That in some way we are all connected to waters and continents that our feet have never touched, and that our eyes have never observed. That we are each small in the vastness of earth and all its history.

"we are all connected to waters and continents that our feet have never touched, and that our eyes have never observed."

So yes, I suppose this meditation does provide stability. It is provided not only in the power that meditation can have in your life, but also in the realisation that everything has a connection to the earth beneath our feet. That even if the earth shakes and moves, is drowned by water or burned by fire, life finds a way to continue and this ability in my eyes offers stability and peace of mind.

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