Comfort is a Thing of Beauty

It is unlikely that many of us would think that our homes are the image of beauty. But, perhaps if we spend time reflecting on all that our home does for us we will find that there is immeasurable beauty waiting to be seen. That there is beauty in its function, familiarity and comfort.

Homes come in many forms and are unique to each of us; they provide a place for us to simply exist without the scrutiny of the rest of the world. Of course, the existence of ‘cookie-cutter’ homes cannot be disputed. The reality is that the way each person or family treats and uses a home will always vary. These differences go beyond furniture layouts and personal style but are also seen in how the spaces are used.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the home is that it is a place of comfort and familiarity. There is no limit to what a person will consider comfortable or familiar given that this is so personal. Comforts can be drawn from things commonly seen, or objects unique to you. Perhaps in your home it is the countless family photos that cover your walls and flat surfaces bringing to mind fond memories that brings you the most comfort, or maybe it’s the dip in your couch that perfectly cradles you when you need an evening in, perhaps you have a piece of furniture that screams of an ‘80s trend, and even though it seems outdated it still sparks a light in your eye.

Let’s not forget the comforts which may not be as plainly visibly. Perhaps, you are incredibly familiar with where your floor will transition from carpet to tile knowing that this will guide you as you find your way to the washroom in the middle of the night. Maybe there is one step right in the middle of the staircase which you know to avoid when climbing up to bed late in the night because its deafening creak will surely echo through the entirety of the house disrupting the quiet of such a late hour.

It’s likely that you see these unique features of your home and think little of them in the moment, but when you reflect and think about all the things that make your home special you likely relax knowing that it provides you with a strong sense of familiarity. You know what to expect with its imperfections, and even though you’re aware that these may be added to over the years. But, you do not dwell on the possibilities of headaches to come you simply enjoy the space as it is, and the calm sense of mind it provides at the end of a gruelling day or week.

In our fast-paced digital world, we are often inundated with photos of trendy and ideal home images, and perhaps we all take a look around our own homes from time to time and feel frustrations at our inability to match the images we see. But it helps to bear in mind that a photo does not fully encompass and represent a space. A photo certainly would not capture the feel of your feet going from carpet to tile, or tell you which step creaks too loudly; however, you can rest easy knowing that the familiarity is so much more useful than the aesthetic of a perfectly presented home.

Maybe you look around your home and think to yourself that this will never grace the pages of magazines, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is all that it provides to you. Does it create comfort for you? If so than it is beautiful. Is it functional for your daily activities? If so than it is beautiful. Is it filled with things that bring you fond memories or joy? If so than it is beautiful. Does it keep you warm in the night, and the rain and snow off you back? If so than it is beautiful. Just because it isn’t identical to the images of homes that exist in the pages of magazines or in our many news-feeds doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. What makes it beautiful is your own perception of the space, and this is something that transcends time and trends pinpointing the overly heard cliché that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

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