20+ (Almost) Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift-giving can be tricky, especially around the holiday season when you want to gift something meaningful but are also being mindful of your budget and have a list full of names to gift to. Add in your desire to be eco-friendly and the gift-giving process can become a little bit trickier.

With this in mind, here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the people on your Christmas shopping list.

Zero Waste Gift Ideas:

  • Tickets to a concert or play

  • Tickets to an art exhibit or to a museum

  • House plants (Want to keep it even more ecofriendly? Propagate your own plants to giveaway)

  • Homemade goodies (like Christmas cookies!)

  • Bottle of wine

  • Cocktail kit

  • A gift card to a restaurant

  • A gift card to a local store

  • Digital subscription to a magazine

  • Subscription to a local food box/farmers co-op

  • Pay for them to attend a workshop or classes to learn a new hobby or skill

  • Subscription to learn something new like Skillshare

  • Subscription to a streaming service

  • Donations to causes or organizations they care for

  • Bamboo/cotton towels

  • Products made with natural or compostable materials, like soy candles

  • Locally made artwork

  • Locally made jewellery

Check out websites that feature local businesses like,, Narcity Market, and keep an eye out for craft marketplaces hosted online (since the pandemic has put a hold on actual craft markets).

Help them eliminate single-use items in their life!

  • Consider giving them things like bar soaps, shampoo bars, ecofriendly skincare, reusable cotton pads/swabs, bamboo toothbrushes,

  • Ecofriendly shaving kit: safety razor, shaving cream bowl, and brush

  • Ecofriendly items for being on the go: Reusable straws, a water bottle, a travel mug, lightweight utensils (for traveling), reusable snack bags, and containers.

I hope these items help you find the perfect zero waste and eco-friendly gift for friends and family. What are you think about placing under the Christmas tree this year?