My name is Siobhan and here, in this thought collection that is Thinking Pretty, I share meanderings my mind often takes when evaluating the world around me, in a way which I hope inspires gratitude, contentment, learning and connection.

I love seeing the beauty in the everyday and finding small pleasures and joys in mundane experiences — this is something I learned to value during my time studying interior design. I had a professor obsessed with everyday architecture, the study of buildings and spaces people use every day, she taught my class the wonders of the ordinary creations that often disappear into the daily landscape.

This professor furthered my love for the everyday beyond interior design and architecture. I felt the term ‘the everyday’ gave words to something I struggled to describe, and at times to appreciate. It provided me with a new perspective and ability to see beauty and significance in daily life. These teachings furthered my love for nature and made the connection between people and nature impossible to ignore — in beginning to study interiors, I never would have believed that I would walk away loving the outdoors even more.

This has led me to begin exploring topics of sustainability to lower my negative impacts on the earth and to maintain all the joys that it provides.

I am working towards a life focused on mindful living and making a positive impact. I am hoping to share the joys and knowledge I encounter through this platform, and to connect with like-minded people along the way.

So, here’s to appreciating the world around us, making new connections, positive impacts and, most importantly, here’s to enjoying the everyday.